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the big world rss feed logoThis site is about how to take ideas from the big world and transform them to the small world.
The big world is largely related to the natural world outside of us.
The small world relates to ideas that can be used to enhance your personal life.
By taking the ideas from the natural world and creatively using them to manipulate a more sustainable way of living. We all have to live in both worlds and and the balance we make of it, shapes who we are. -
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pickled onions recipe and all recipesAll recipes pages: Covering all the recipes on the site by section - it includes Desert Recipes, Cream recipes, Jam recipes Hot recipes, Cold recipes, Chutneys and pickled recipes. The index grows as recipes are added and it will eventually become a recipe book.

All the recipes have been tried and tested and adjusted before adding to these pages. I have tried to make them all suitable for anyone who has a cooker and a limited amount of cooking tools. The emphasis is on recipes that one can make out of ingredients that are easily and readily available and cheap. Those that call for fresh herbs also have links to the site on how to grow them. -
How to Make pickled onions


date silverWealth Pages: These pages are related to gold and silver. Collecting Gold and Silver can be an easy and small scale way of both saving and investing. Guides on identifying, buying and selling these metals can be found here.
You will find value marks and restoration tips on other metals here as well.

The blog section contains information about the process of wealth, invention of banking, economies and the sheer craziness of the pursuit of lucre -
dating english silver hallmarks

How To

how to clean a fire door for freeHow to and Homes Pages: A collection of pages and blogs on how to do things! How to grow food, how to clean things without buying products, How to make things using easily available materials, livestock, life style, storage and repairs.

How to use things around you by learning to recycle things by re-using them. Example is here -
How to clean a fire door for FREE

Hot Meals

how to cook a jacket potatoMain Meal Recipe ideas: An expanding collection of recipes that explain how to make the type of  foods that go with so many other things.

Breads, veg, salads, stews, snacks and even an alchoholic drink. How about one of the simplest and versatile hot foods available which, with the addition of salt and a little oil is popular all year round the humble
oven baked or jacket potato


gardens and how to grow things in themGardens and How to Grow: The big world relates to the outside and one of the best ways to get acquainted with the natural world is to grow something. Gardening offers you a way to get involved with the down and dirty aspect of Nature.

You can learn a lot about nature just by looking after a single plant in a pot. taking a seed or a cutting you can quickly learn to adjust and help the growing process. before you know it you have grown an unusual plant of provided yourself with some fresh food.

probably the best way to transfer big world knowledge into small world improvements. Try this page about the World War 2 Dig for Victory programme and see some of these techniques for your self. -
WW2 Dig for Victory techniques


cream recipesCream Recipes: Pages about one of our favourite dishes. Although we don't need milk to live by the time we've passed our  3rd or 4th birthday most of us like to eat ice cream. You will find recipes for cream, cream fresh, ice cream, Norwegian omelette and ice cream cake.

Milk is an incredibly rich source of calcium which our bodies need for strong bones and teeth. It has now been recognized as a way to keep our weight under control as part of a calorie controlled diet. It also helps with muscles and cardio vascular activities in our bodies.  Have a look at how traditional clotted cream was and still is made. -
how to make clotted cream


spot a fake designer handbagHow to spot a Fake: When is a designer item a fake and when is the same item a reproduction. A knowledge of how things are made can help you make quick decisions about which type of item you want to purchase. for example what's the difference between a Dobro or a Resonator guitar?

Generally an item is a fake when it carries the makers label of another item or infringes on the copyright of another's work. This does not necessarily reflect on the items quality, only that it has been copied. Pages included offer ways to spot the difference. For example all those handbags that seem to vary so much in price! -
How to spot a fake Chanel Bag

Pickled Recipes

chutney and pickle recipesChutney and Pickle Recipes: There are two main types of this food and they are Confitures: (Confit, French roughly translates as "to preserve"), is most often applied to the preservation of meats, however, the term can also refer to fruit or vegetables which have been seasoned and cooked with honey or sugar until it has reached a jam-like consistency and

Generally these chutneys are fruit, vinegar, and sugar cooked down to a reduction. They can be made wet or dry. - Why not try one of the most celebrated and used for all those autumn tomato gluts -
Easy Tomato Chutney Recipe

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