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Timelapse of MV Barfleur-passing-Brownsea-Island


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This is a time lapse video of the MV Barfleur as it leaves the port of Poole in Dorset. It is speeded up by about 850 times to show how the ship navigates through Poole Harbour and out into the English Channel.

The video was shot on a Panasonic SDR S7 from inside the cafe/bar on the boat. All the settings on the camera were automatic and no further effects were added.

The film shows the MV Barfleur turning round Brownsea Island (the home of Baden Powells scout movement and the setting for many of Enid Blytons Famous 5 childrens books).

The Ship passes raidly past the man made harbour of the island and the few small houses round the castle like jetty that is the main entrance to the island.

You can see due to the timelapse the higher waves when turning inside the harbour itself having more effect on the ship than the effect later when the Barfleur nears the edge of the harbour before moving out to see.

As the boat passes Brownsea Island the Barfleur speeds up consierably and by the time it passes the sandbanks ferry and out of the harbour Studland beach rapidly moves away into the distance.

The Brittany Ferries Poole to Cherbourg crossing has had some problems in previous years when the boat was taken out of use due to low profit margins and high overheads.

The summer crossings were fairly well booked but the Winter bookings fell sharply. This was compounded first by the removal of Duty Free shopping in the late 90's early 2000 followed by the more recent devalued price of UK sterling value.

Where previously cheaper goods like alchohol and tobacco soon rose to be more in line with UK prices.

Due to agreements being made between Brittany Ferries and Poole and Cherbourg, the Barfleur was reinstated on February 27th 2011 when it made its first crossing from Cherbourg to Poole for over a year.

The MV Barfleur is a ferry operated by Brittany Ferries and she was built at Masa Yards in Finland for the Brittany Ferries subsidiary Truckline and entered service in 1992.

She sails under the French flag and is registered in Cherbourg. Barfleur was the last ship to carry the 1983-2002 version of the Brittany Ferries logo and livery which was replaced by the post-2002 version in March 2009.

The MV Barfleur is again running a 24 hour sevice from poole to cherbourg and its long service and reliability in the unpredictable waters of the channel have made for it a favorite for it's many fans.

  MV Barfleur poole to cherbourg

Timelapse MV Barfleur Poole to Cherbourg


"Holidays to France" Both Cherbourg and Poole harbour have made large investments to their road and infrastructure networks despite the competition of the more geographically central Caen and Portsmouth Harbours.
Poole and Cherbourg harbours are both connected by good road and rail networks.

The MV Barfleur runs a return service every 24 hours with the Cherbourg to Poole crossing being an overnighter.

How long the Barfleur remains in service remains to be seen as the crossing times throughout the winter months can be intermittent.


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